Wanderer’s Trail from Abbadia to Lierna

Photo credits: Emilio Buzzella


Hiking route from Abbadia to Lierna along the old mule track that runs the eastern shore of Lake Como : The Sentiero del Viandante ( Wanderer’ s Trail ). The route , that is suitable in all seasons , going through small clusters of houses , old mills, castles , churches and chapels , staying in the same time in contact with the nature.

The hiking from Abbadia to Lierna starts from the station and take place going through terraces cultivated with vineyards and olive trees overlooking Grignetta , among the medievals villages of Abbadia e Mandello , where we can find historic and religious buildings as the San Bartolomeo Church , the St. Giorgio Church and the Tower of Barbarossa in Maggiana. Once at Rongio , we go down along the left side of Val Meria where we can admire Sasso Cavallo and Sasso dei Carbonai‘s walls. Crossing a characteristic natural bridge we walking through the watercourse and we reach the opposit side to reach Somana. We continuing on to Olcio , that we only see from the top: the settlement is connecting to Viandante by a steep stairs that have almost 800 steps.  Finally , the road goes to Lierna, we proceed to the station and we go back by train to the starting point.

  • Difficulty level: “E” ( Excurtional )
  • Time needed: 4 hours
  • Distance: 11 km

Photos by Paola Massari


Indirizzo:Abbadia Lariana, Abbadia Lariana, LC, Italia


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